My Mommies and Me (by Liliana)

I love my mommies very much, even though they make me wear pants. They read to me, play with me, and they even feed me milk. I love all food, but I especially love milk.

Only one of them gives me fresh milk though. The other one only ever warms up stale milk in a bottle. They do both give me real food, which is also very delicious.

Speaking of delicious, Fresh-Milk Mommy told me a joke the other day. “What do you call a Mexican gummy bear?” “Delici-oso!”

Anyway, lately my mommies don’t seem to agree with my name for one of them. They are obviously both mommies, because they do the same things. The one with the hair around his mouth seems to think I am wrong to call him, “Momma.” When I say “Momma!” to get his attention, he says, “I’m Dada.” I think he just made up that name though because he’s jealous of Fresh-Milk Mommy and wants his own name. Of course, he’s just being silly, so I am quick to correct his behavior. Whenever he tells me, “I’m not Momma. I’m Dada.” I just look at him intently and tell him “Momma!” again. I make sure I’m extra patient with him because this is clearly a cry for attention. I’m sure that he will understand eventually that he does not need to make up a new name in order for me to love him. I know he is a Mommy and the sooner he can accept his role, the sooner he will feel better about himself.

This is why I purposefully have avoided using the “D” consonant entirely. I don’t want to give him any reason to think I am entertaining this foolishness.

On the other hand, he does seem quite disappointed that I won’t use his made-up word. Perhaps I should make him feel better by using it? I don’t know though, that seems a little patronizing to me.

What do you guys think? Should I pretend he is something that he is not just so he feels better? Or should I keep gently reminding him that he is, in fact, a Mommy just like the other one?





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