About Us

Kalyn Heminger is a full-time student, full-time mother, and full-time wife who likes exploring life with her family. She is studying Spanish and French at Grand Valley State University. Her husband, Matthew, is also a full-time student and a full-time father. Their daughter, Liliana, was born in October of 2014 and has been wide awake and looking for adventure ever since.

In addition to Kalyn’s other hobbies, she and Matthew enjoy playing Magic: the Gathering together and in tournaments. She is an avid Vorthos in addition to being a competitive player who likes fun interactions and deck-building. The main colors she associates with herself are Red, Blue, and Green, in that order. Her husband is mostly White and Black, with some Blue mixed in. While this sometimes leads to disagreements, it allows them to weigh many points of view.

If you are interested in the Color Pie Philosophies and how they interact, the head designer of Magic: the Gathering, Mark Rosewater, has a great series of articles about them. The first article is about Green, the next is about White, then Blue, then Black, and finally Red.

Also, I have an Amazon Associates account, so I do receive a small percentage from anything bought through the links on my website. If you want to help support my site, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d do some shopping on Amazon through this link or any of the other links on my pages like Our Cloth Diapering System or My Favorite Baby Essentials.Thank you.


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