To All Those Awesome Dads Out There

I’m sorry this post wasn’t out on Father’s Day, but it’s really relevant any day of the year, just as Mother’s Day isn’t the only day that moms are awesome.

I just wanted to let you guys know:

You rock. Seriously.

I’m pretty new to this whole being-a-mom thing, but I already know it’s hard work. Wonderful, amazing, rewarding hard work, but it’s still hard. It’s nice that people give moms so much credit nowadays.

It’s time we give dads credit like that too. There are a lot of dads who are very involved with their families, and they do awesome jobs.

So here’s to you, Awesome Dads! Thank you for changing diapers even though there still are no changing tables in men’s public restrooms. Thank you for pushing that pink stroller around until the baby falls asleep, regardless of how many funny looks you might receive. Thank you for proudly wearing the spit-up and baby food in your hair as a badge of honor. Thank you for waking up in the middle of the night (sometimes more than once) to help the baby go back to sleep.Thank you for being a great parent, even if none of the above things apply directly to you. I’m sure I missed at least a few thousand things because these are just the things that my sleep-deprived brain can come up with right now.

Thank you, Awesome Dads, for being awesome. I hope your Father’s Day was everything you deserve.